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Newsletter – January 2010

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Mass 201 CMR 17.00 (ID Theft Regulation) As of March 1st, 2010, Massachusetts will implement one of the toughest data protection laws. This new regulation will apply to any business that captures and/or transmits personal information. If you obtain a person’s name and any one of these attributes, then this law could apply to you: […]

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Results from Paperless Statements

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I’m pleased to report that the results went better than expected. Within the first day and a half, over 95% of our clients responded that they received the initial test Statement from QuickBooks. The following week, a few more people replied that they were away on vacation and had received the test. I also had […]

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What it means to be “Green”

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The Ferreira Group is making a concerted effort to reduce, reuse and recycle. This page will discuss the various actions we are doing to go “Green”. Hopefully, through the knowledge we gain during this effort, we will be able to share our experiences with our clients, allowing them to potentially reduce their costs, increase productivity […]

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Moving to Paperless Invoices & Statements

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Currently, we are using a combination of sending paper invoices via US Mail and sending electronic invoices via Email. In the next few weeks we will try to move to 100% electronic invoicing. By making this switch, we will be able to: * Expedite to deliver of invoices to our clients, which should reduce receivables […]

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Newsletter – October 2008

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**TROJAN EXPLOIT CONFIRMED; MICROSOFT RELEASES PATCH** Microsoft released a security bulletin (MS08-067) and patch update this week for a bug that has a confirmed Trojan exploit. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if an affected system received a specially crafted RPC request. Expect the number of exploits to increase rapidly. It’s fairly important to […]

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Newsletter – August 2008

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New & Improved Electronic Newsletter We believe this newsletter will allow us to communicate more effectively. You can expect to receive an electronic newsletter roughly once a month. However, at any time, you can unsubscribe. We appreciate your input, let us know what you think!!! VIRUS ALERT!!! Be aware of the latest email virus that […]

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