Disaster Recovery Services

Sleep Better knowing your Business Data is Protected with Us

Disaster Recovery:  Ferreira Group provides client peace of mind from major data loss with offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored to their needs and budget.  Our Best-In-Class business continuity equipment significantly reduces database restoration time and user inactivity.

Server Backup:  Daily backup service is an essential component of data protection.  We offer internet-based automatic file backup solutions that detect and store new or changed files without interrupting user activities.  Server data is saved within a highly-secured Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit on your premises for immediate recovery should files become damaged or lost.

Email Archiving: Regulatory requirements, e-discovery court requests and prevailing industry standards are having a profound effect on how businesses manage their electronic communications.  Nowadays, failing to adequately store and retrieve emails exposes both businesses and their officers to legal ramifications.  To address this potential threat, the Ferreira Group offers a fully-integrated Message Archiving Solution ensuring you’ll meet all regulations, requests and standards regardless of how complicated the situation.  Because our solution is securely hosted offsite without storage capacity limits, your existing network will interface without the need of additional computer resources or incurring related overhead expenses.