Security Services

Keeping you ahead of the Security Challenge…

Security Audit & Assessment:  Auditing your existing security infrastructure provides an essential informational baseline on the integrity and functionality of your system network.  Our audit also assesses your system’s technological strengths, vulnerabilities and limitations that help identify specific areas for improved performance.

Anti-Virus/Spyware/Spam/Malware:  Ferreira Group offers comprehensive security protection from such debilitating and intrusive problems.  We provide multiple layers of email/web filtering and reporting services on an onsite and hosted-service basis.  Please contact us to learn the full scope of services and software options designed to protect your data assets and network users from external security threats.

Policy-Based Web Browsing:  Ferreira Group’s Web Protection Service offers unprecedented protection at the perimeter level from threats such as malware, spyware, IM, P2P as well as inappropriate content.  Additionally, the comprehensive reporting feature of this service helps enforce your company’s acceptable use policies and best practices security protocols.  Other benefits clients experience include:

  • Improved IT and employee productivity via controlled access to time-wasting websites.
  • Elimination of hardware/software maintenance and warranty renewal concerns.
  • Extended “real time” protection with continuous updates.

Security Hardening:  Even with the best-managed networks, breaches of system infrastructure can occasionally surface.  In most cases, your existing infrastructure can be strengthened or “hardened” to achieve a higher level of data safety.  Our security hardening process helps eliminate the means of attack by patching vulnerabilities, improving firewall effectiveness and turning off nonessential services to form added layers of protection.  Ferreira Group provides the ideal operating balance between defending your system against potential threats and computer usability.