Ferreira Group understands how challenging is to keep your small business viable in today's ultra competitive environment.

Clients consider us more of a Partner than a Service Provider

Ferreira Group is the trusted IT service provider and technical advisor for SouthCoast businesses and others who rely on us for dependable computer performance and data security protection.

Since 1984, we have developed an outstanding reputation for delivering, maintaining and updating computer technology solutions with custom Managed IT Service plans that keep our clients operating securely, efficiently and without worry. Our extensive client experience confirms that finding an IT support firm that best meets your specialized needs and budgetary concerns is more akin to choosing a business partner than a service provider. After all, we are accountable for the data and technology support that is the lifeblood of your company.


We look forward to presenting the business savvy reasons why our clients entrust their invaluable data and technological needs to the Ferreira Group.


Managed IT Services

Ferreira Group understands how challenging it is to keep your small business viable in today’s ultra competitive environment. Our Managed IT services provide the multifaceted expertise needed to protect, monitor, maintain and improve your computer systems and data resources.


Disaster Recovery

Whatever the cause… hardware failure, software corruption or natural disasters… can compromise your data and severely affect operations. Ferreira Group’s cutting edge technology and proven procedures allow our recovery technicians to restore your valuable data files quickly and efficiently.


Security Solutions

Safeguarding your informational resources is priority number #1 for Ferreira Group consultants. From evaluating your present IT architecture to providing state-of-the-art anti-virus, spyware and spam protection, we possess the solutions and experience to keep your data and network secure.

Highly Focused & Trained

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