Newsletter – August 2018

New & Improved Electronic Newsletter
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Be aware of the latest email virus that is spreading with an infected attachment. These emails typically contain a Subject Line that refers to:

– “UPS Tracking…”
– “Online order for flight ticket…”
– “Your order…”
– “Parcel requires declaration…”
– “Customs – we have your parcel…”

Please do not open the attachment within these emails. Delete the emails immediately.

XP Pro is going…Vista is coming
Microsoft has already retired XP Pro in retail stores and at the end of this year, we will no longer be able to purchase this version for your PC.

We strongly recommend you consider the following before the end of the year as Microsoft Vista maybe incompatible with your current equipment and software applications.
– Upgrading any old PCs
– Any new PCs you will need in the next year

All new PCs installed before January 2009 will have XP Pro. In addition, they will have a valid Microsoft Vista License that can be used for any future upgrades.

24/7 Monitoring comes to the rescue
With recent power outages and heat-related issues at local businesses, we have been able to proactively eliminate downtime.

In two seperate situations, we restored server functionality before Monday morning and no productivity was lost.

To quote one of our clients:
“I love this 24/7 monitoring!!!”

Thank you for your time and we value your business!
FG Team