Moving to Paperless Invoices Systems

Currently, we are using a combination of sending paper invoices via US Mail and sending electronic invoices via Email. In the next few weeks we will try to move to 100% electronic invoicing. By making this switch, we will be able to:

* Expedite to deliver of invoices to our clients, which should reduce receivables aging
* Reduce the amount of paper re use
* Reduce the amount of time it takes to produce monthly and quarterly invoices
* Reduce the amount of money we spend on stamps

However, there are a few challenges with this effort:

* With increased spam filtering at all clients, our electronic invoices might get lost in “the SPAM Abyss”
* Or our electronic invoices will be lost in our clients “Inbox Black hole”
* And last but not least, a few of our clients use email sparingly

Our plan is to send a “Sample” electronic invoice to all our clients as a test and ask them all to reply to the email they receive. We will then track the if we received a reply and how long it took for us to get the reply. We will then post the results on the blog to show how successful we were.