Newsletter – January 2010

Mass 201 CMR 17.00 (ID Theft Regulation)
As of March 1st, 2010, Massachusetts will implement one of the toughest data protection laws. This new regulation will apply to any business that captures and/or transmits personal information. If you obtain a person’s name and any one of these attributes, then this law could apply to you:

– Social Security Number
– Driver’s License Number
– State Issued Identification Card Number
– Financial Account Number (Bank, 401K, etc..)
– Credit or Debt Card Number
– Medical Information

Please call us if you have questions about how this regulation may affect your business.

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Our New Partnerships
Over the last few months, we have evaluated numerous products and services to help you conform to the new ID Theft Regulation. Listed below are partners and solutions we have selected for their outstanding products, ease of use and cost:

They provide a a robust filtering solution with a user-friendly console and affordable pricing. Their solution includes:

– Spam Filtering
– Email Archiving (3 – 7 years)
– Web Defense (Anti-Malware protection at the browser level)
The most effective way to STOP Fake Anti-virus programs

To learn more about SPAMSoap Click Here

LeapFILE has worked with over 31 of the top 100 US Accounting Firms to provide services for securely sending and receiving files such as QuickBooks and tax returns. Over 12 state CPA societies recommend LeapFILE for security and compliance when addressing federal and state regulations around data privacy and data protection.

LeapFILE can assist with satisfying the Massachusetts ID Theft Regulation, particularly by providing end-to-end encryption of all files send through Outlook regardless of size or format.

To learn more about LeapFILE Click Here

Automated Secure Offsite Backup
With our two backup partners, we are able to provide you with the latest automated backup solution that will meet your needs and budget. These solutions include:

– Zero staff involvement (No more switching offsite drives or tapes)
– Fully encrypted to meet ID Theft Regulation
– Rapid recovery within hours versus days using current methods
– Low monthly cost

Did you know…

… that you can request a detailed report of all the tasks we’ve completed for your company, at anytime

… an effective way to utilize email is to use intelligent subjects

For example, you can start your email subject line with:

“Need action:” – You want receipient(s) to complete a task(s)
“Need reply:” – You want receipient(s) to reply to your email
“FYI Only:” – For information only and doesn’t require a reply
or action.

By using this method, we at Ferreira Group, have drastically
reduced the number of emails sent within the company.

Thank you for your time and entrusting your business with us!

FG Team (Francis, David, Shaun & Chris)