Historic Event – Feb 16, 2010

My Inbox has (0, zero, zilch, nada) emails in it as of today!!!  The last time I accomplished this feat was probably 4 years ago.  If you are like me, you use your Inbox as a reminder of  open tasks. However, when your Inbox starts to grow above 100 items, ANXIETY sets in every morning when you open your Inbox.

That’s not to say that I have nothing to do, but I’ve begun to fully utilize Outlook Task (for personal tasks) and SharePoint (for our company tasks). As soon as I get an email, if I can’t handle it right away, it gets put onto a task list with distinct attributes.

For example:

– If the Task is Important, it gets a Status of “Emergency” and goes to the top of my list. I only keep 10 “Emergency” tasks on my list at one time.

– If the Task is related to a proposal, I append a “$” to the front of the Task name. This makes it very easy to recognize the Tasks that will generate revenue.

Did you know… (DUK)

If you Right-Click on a selected Email, then click “Move to Folder…” and select the Task folder, a new Task will be created with the email contents.  This is useful if you need to refer to the body of the email to complete the task.