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When Francis Ferreira established his computer service firm in 1984, he soon developed a trustful and valued reputation with clients for quickly resolving IT problems and minimizing system downtime. As his track record of success satisfying clients continued to evolve, Francis responded by creating the Ferreira Group. Today our firm’s elite team of IT professionals continues to build on its founder’s reputation for technical expertise, cost-effect solutions and responsive service.

Ferreira Group has been providing professional computer services since 1987.

We also work with companies that demonstrate a high level of quality and deliver consistent value.

Non-Profit agencies in our community need all of us to give back a little.

Ferreira Group Team


David Ferreira | President

As the son of Francis Ferreira, David was introduced to computers at a very young age. His formal education includes a Computer Engineering degree from Southeastern Massachusetts University and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Bridgewater State University. David eventually joined the family business in 2002 after leaving his position as Vice President of Services of STAR Information, a computer services firm he co-founded in 1997. He is also a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist and continues to take advanced IT courses to maintain the Ferreira Group’s technological edge.


Shaun Rego | Sr. Technical Consultant

Shaun joined the Ferreira Group in 2005 after graduating from Bristol Community College with an Associate Degree in Computer Technology. A certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Shaun adds to his computer knowledge base by completing various technology courses on an ongoing basis. His featured areas of expertise are 24/7 monitoring; partnership and technology utilization and security issues. Clients constantly rave about Shaun’s overall attentiveness to their computer operations and his ability to resolve problems before they become a major issue.

adam (1)

Adam Lourenco | Sr. Technical Consultant

Adam started with the Ferreira Group in 2018 after he graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He began working with computers as a hobby, building them for himself and friends which gave him an understanding of them at a mechanical level. He specializes in managing clients’ offsite backups and verifies those backups daily to prevent any unnecessary data loss in a disaster event.


Jennifer Anastasi | Sr. Technical Consultant

Jennifer joined the Ferreira Group in 2022 after working as a Software Engineer for companies including NASDAQ, Waters, and One Hill Solutions. Before joining the family business as the third generation of computer consultants, she independently operated her own business specializing in designing and deploying websites for small business clients. Jennifer has a BS and MS in Software Engineering from Fairfield University and is constantly updating her technical skills to best serve the Ferreira Group clients.

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Francis Ferreira | Founder

Francis developed an early interest in computers out of necessity while working for Stone & Webster as a HVAC engineer. In order to design Energy Analysis programs for a company project, he took it upon himself to learn computer programming. Following the introduction of the personal computer, the focus of Francis’ learning shifted from programming to computer repair and networking as well as formal training in Microsoft technologies. He soon established himself as a trusted technical advisor for IT focus groups and industry partners and founded the Ferreira Group in 1984. Francis continued to be a major contributor to our success story and was professionally consulted on and quoted in various IT industry articles.


Chris Glover | Senior Technical Manager

Chris became a valued member of our team after attaining his A+/Net+ Certification in 2006. He was responsible for managing our Partnerships and Solutions that delivered worry-free automated backups and the development and enhancements of our internal SharePoint implementation system. Clients not only appreciated Chris’ knowledge and understanding of both technical and business-related issues but equally important, his responsiveness to their needs.

Highly Focused & Trained

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