Moving to Paperless Invoices Systems

August 24, 2009

Currently, we are using a combination of sending paper invoices via US Mail and sending electronic invoices via Email. In the next few weeks we will try to move to 100% electronic invoicing. By making this switch, we will be able to: * Expedite to deliver of invoices to our clients, which should reduce receivables aging * Reduce the amount of paper re use * Reduce the amount of time it takes to produce monthly and quarterly invoices * Reduce the amount of money we spend on stamps However, there are a few challenges with this effort: * With increased spam filtering at all clients, our electronic invoices might get lost in “the SPAM Abyss” * Or our electronic invoices will be lost in our clients “Inbox Black hole” * And last but not least, a few of our clients use email sparingly Our plan is to send a “Sample” electronic invoice to all our clients as a test and ask them all to reply to the email they receive. We will then track the if we received a reply and how long it took for us to get the reply. We will then post the results on the blog…

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Newsletter – October 2008

October 8, 2008

**TROJAN EXPLOIT CONFIRMED; MICROSOFT RELEASES PATCH** Microsoft released a security bulletin (MS08-067) and patch update this week for a bug that has a confirmed Trojan exploit. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if an affected system received a specially crafted RPC request. Expect the number of exploits to increase rapidly. It’s fairly important to have it patched on servers and workstations that do not have file sharing disabled (or blocked through their Windows or Antivirus application). Additional details are available at Microsoft Website for Patch Information. NOTE: Ferreira Group clients that have our 24/7 Monitoring Agent, will receive the patch automatically. For all other clients, we will install the patch manually. XP Pro is hanging around a little longer Since our last newsletter announcing the end of XP Pro at the end of this year, Microsoft has decided to extended the deadline to July 31, 2009. Additional details are available at CRN News. 24/7 Monitoring Agent will be Required Starting in 2009, the Ferreira Group will require that all clients obtain our 24/7 Monitoring Agent. This service provides many benefits and protects your computers against the increasing number of security threats. Clients with the agent installed have been able…

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Newsletter – August 2018

August 9, 2008

New & Improved Electronic Newsletter We believe this newsletter will allow us to communicate more effectively. You can expect to receive an electronic newsletter roughly once a month. However, at any time, you can unsubscribe. We appreciate your input, let us know what you think!!! VIRUS ALERT!!! Be aware of the latest email virus that is spreading with an infected attachment. These emails typically contain a Subject Line that refers to: – “UPS Tracking…” – “Online order for flight ticket…” – “Your order…” – “Parcel requires declaration…” – “Customs – we have your parcel…” Please do not open the attachment within these emails. Delete the emails immediately. XP Pro is going…Vista is coming Microsoft has already retired XP Pro in retail stores and at the end of this year, we will no longer be able to purchase this version for your PC. We strongly recommend you consider the following before the end of the year as Microsoft Vista maybe incompatible with your current equipment and software applications. – Upgrading any old PCs – Any new PCs you will need in the next year All new PCs installed before January 2009 will have XP Pro. In addition, they will have a…

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