Today’s workers are increasingly tech-savvy and self-empowered. In many cases your employee will own an assortment of laptops, smartphones, tablets and PCs. Often their devices may be more advanced than what your company provides.

As a result, many employees prefer to access company resources using their own technology because it is familiar, powerful and already an integral part of their everyday lives.

The consumerization of IT has created a groundswell in the way companies embrace technology. Also known as “bring your own device” or BYOD, this trend describes an environment in which employees use personal technology – laptops, smart phones, tablets, and even desktop PCs – to access company networks, applications and data. A recent survey found that 28 percent of the workforce is currently using personal devices for work-related tasks, and this percentage is expected to rise to 35 percent by mid-2013.


The benefits of BYOD are compelling.

Companies that have embraced BYOD have reported improved productivity and employee retention, enhanced mobility, a more flexible work environment and improved IT value to the business. BYOD can enable virtual work environments that provide individual workers the freedom to work when and where they choose. That, ultimately, can help trim operating costs.
Yet the technology to deliver BYOD can be fraught with risk. What about a proper security strategy? What happens when an employee’s device is stolen with company information? Who is going to ensure backups are properly done?

With Cloud Nation these concerns are a thing of the past. The “brain-damage” that is associated with a typical BYOD program is gone. Your team is immediately able to access company information, applications and services from any device, anywhere and anytime. Your data is always secure and world class backups happen real-time. What’s more, your data “lives” on a secure server and not the employee’s device. No need to worry about your company information being leaked or a device being stolen – again, you control your data at all times.

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