The Role of IT for small and medium sized businesses has changed dramatically in the last 18 months. We understood this early and took the initiative to put in place a rigorous training and certification program for Cloud Nation Certified Professionals.


Cloud Nation Certified Professionals (CNCP’s) understand the way to provide indispensable value to you and your company is through education and top tier skills. This is a process, not a destination. At Cloud Nation we provide our network of certified professionals weekly ongoing training and education.

The role of IT in the Cloud will be more like a supply chain. Think of an automobile supply chain. Much of what goes into building a car comes from external providers. Everything from seats and dashboards to tires and radios come from outside vendors. The auto manufacturer is responsible for assembling all these parts to create a car that you can simply turn the key and drive.

When it comes to cloud computing, businesses want the same thing. To simply power up their devices and start doing business. At Cloud Nation we understand this and have created our entire certification program to help businesses get the most out of their technology.

Cloud Nation Certified Professionals understand how all the pieces of the cloud eco-system fit together. They know that over 80% of small businesses want a trusted advisor they can count on for personal assistance as they embrace this new era of computing.

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